We are
brand builders

We quantify multidisciplinary thinking by working with young talent. We are brand builders for the future and empower transformation by provoking the status quo. We help navigate brands through dynamic landscapes, creating sustainable brand equity and meaningful customer relationships.



We challenge the now, change the world for the better and shift the current limits of branding. Even if it means transcending our own.


We never take the easy road. We create unique design solutions that have character and attitude yet sustainable.

Straight Forward

With our Dutch heritage, we are direct and to the point. Honesty, transparency and being grounded are important key pillars to building a long-term relationship


We embrace and provoke new ways of thinking and doing in order to help our client navigate through rapidly changing digital landscapes. We use innovative solutions to solve analoge problems for future brands.

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The Cow

The Netherlands is small but are the second largest exporter of food measured by value on the globe. The Dutch are practical and efficient, our cow is iconic and represents these values and methodology. It is an important denominator in the Dutch agriculture sector and nourishes life with milk and meat. Our cow is a polygon, we understand how it is made, it has attitude, an opinion, it is a mirror, your reflection and unisex.

The Cow


  •  We are the dream team. Together we create, we grow as a team and agency. Together we celebrate life and our accomplishments.