The difference between being A brand and being THE brand is a solid brand strategy. Companies like Apple, Coca-Cola and Disney provide products and services that we collectively experience as top of the line and unique. However, when you really break it down, they’re just companies that make computers, sodas and cartoons. Top of the line? Yes. Unique? Not quite.

Internal Audit

The internal audit establishes a baseline for your (re)branding. Through the audit, we map your strengths and weaknesses, and we align the way your client sees you with how you see yourself and how your company should be seen in order to line up with the goals of key partners and stakeholders.

Brand Positioning

With this service, we establish the position of your brand in the grander scheme of things and compare it to your competitors’ positions by taking a closer look at your USPs and how these line up with your key values. If needed, we are also available to write your positioning statement.

Customer Journey

Based on the AIDA model, we will map your customer journey, and identify the different touch points and whether they are superfluous, lacking or exactly where they should be. This also allows us to replicate your clients’ experiences and to see if the journey lines up with the different buyer personas that we create for you.

Brand Narrative

We know “what’s in a name” and will help you to align your company’s naming with your goals and brand, and to make sure that it delivers on your brand’s promise. We can also help you to formulate your vision and mission statements and are available to create your boilerplate text.

Communication Strategy

Your tone of voice and vernacular should underscore your brand’s identity, and we are happy to help you choose the verbal branding that reflects who you are (or who you want to be). Based on your objectives and KPIs, we will create a content and media plan that aligns with them and that encourages brand engagement.

Brand Strategy

What actually sets these companies apart from the competition is their brand. They have transcended the mere products and services they deliver and have created a community, a feeling, a lifestyle that consumers can’t help but want to be a part of, a true institution.
The only way to achieve such market dominance is a solid brand strategy. We have several services that help you create a consistent brand that is top of mind with your customers and that is built to last.

Brand Experience
  • Personality - Tone of voice - Competitors Matrix -

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