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We transform brands into dynamic growth platforms

Brand Interaction

Brand Identity

In an increasingly competitive marketplace strong brands are the most important intangible asset you can own. Informing consumers of function while simultaneously imbuing the brand symbolically with relevant meaning. Our mission is to transform brands by continuously taking incremental steps in the right direction and making big pivotal leaps when the timing is right.

Corporate Branding / Product Design / Packaging design

Brand Interaction

In this era of constant and rapid change there is a plethora of digital content which can be used to hold as dialogue between the brand and the consumer. There are no real boundaries between digital marketing, advertising, retail design and other disciplines. The distinctions are artificial. Dutchy Design creates experiences using an integrated approach, transforming online platforms into growth drivers for our clients.

Platforms (e-Commerce) / Mobile applications and sites / Digital campaigns / Content development

Brand Interaction
Brand Environment

Brand Environment

Dutchy Design embraces and provokes new ways of thinking and doing in order to help our clients navigate through rapidly changing competitive environments. To help brands, we create branded journeys rooted in business strategy. We strive for the ultimate branded experience.

Retail Design / In-store Communication / Design Formula / Interior Design / Brand Experience

We build brands

Dutchy Design develops unconventional design solutions that enhance the consumer journey in the branded experience. Connecting people, strategy,technology and space. We strive for the ultimate branded experience.

  • Brand strategy
    Think value
    Brand strategy

    Your brand is not your product, your logo, your website, or your name. It’s what your customers perceive about you, and how you make them feel. We see things through the eyes of others. We create work that invites people in and lets them draw their own conclusions because we believe that’s more powerful than telling them what to think.

  • Brand awareness
    Connect Emotionally
    Brand awareness

    It’s not about making a brand more human; it’s about making brands more valuable to consumers. When you do that, a brand can help change the way people see the world. Or even better: make people see the world again; make them more aware than they were ten minutes ago. A great brand can continually challenge and reinvent the ways people think and act.

  • Brand research
    Don’t fly blind
    Brand Research

    Research creates order from chaos. Whether it’s brand strategy, research, or communications and media planning, we base our creative ideas on keen insights because that’s how you create great work that transforms a brand.

  • Brand platform
    Live your brand
    Brand Platform

    It’s one thing to have a great idea, but it’s another to bring that idea successfully to life in production. We are master craftsmen and craftswomen, regardless of the medium, and we pay meticulous attention to the details when we make stuff that lives in the world.

  • Brand Experience
    Make a difference
    Brand Experience

    We want to make a difference for our clients and in the world. We believe that our mission is cultural, in the popular sense, but it’s also a social mission. We want to do good while doing well.